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Web Development

Web Development

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Fully customized web solutions. Web Design solutions to grow your business.

  • Content Analysis and Development
  • Customized CMS
  • Developed with SEO considerations
  • Over ten years experience
  • Web Hosting, Email, and set up available
  • PHP, JQuery, CSS, Database expertise
Web Site Development and Design
Web Marketing

Web Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization SEO is a critical piece to web site devlepment and the success of your web site.
Target market research, analysis, and development of content for your web site and off-line marketing efforts.

Search Engine Marketing
Network Services

Network Services

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Complete on-site network evaluation

Fully documented network evaluation complete with recommendations to increase productivity and to reduce errors and downtime. Email, telephone, data backup and storage, data recovery, and other productivity solutions available.

Computer Networks
IT Services

Computer Support

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Computer, printer, and phone support On-site and remote computer support to update and repair computers, printers, and mobile phones.
Software updates and upgrades, database repair and development.

Computer Support

Small business consutling serving the local Dallas, TX area. Over twelve years of business management experience covering profit and loss to employee training and development.

Business process analysis evaluation and documentation to implement new systems and strategies.

Develop and implement Business Strategies and solutions for future business planning and marketing efforts.

Full complement of Business Services available from web site development strategies, web hosting, email, mobile solutions, data protection, data backup and recovery services.

Web Site Development Strategy

Getting the web to work for your business

Many people ask me the question "what do you do?" that is an interesting question. The short answer is "I resolve problems". Web Site Development DallasI resolve problems that pertain to many aspects of my clients business; I do this by looking at the big picture, and fully analyzing the situation while developing solutions that fit their business objectives. It could be very easy to simply find a solution to any given problem or challenge; however, how does that really benefit the client?

I have found that it is always better, long term, to fully understand what the issue is and what is the root cause of the issue, otherwise you end up with a "Band-Aid" that only works for a period of time and may result with other, more detrimental issues in the future. Why not determine what the root cause is and develop a solution that not only fixes the issue but actually enhances the business operation?

In most of my current and past projects, I have a specified area of responsibility which is part of a larger business strategy. I ultimately interact with other agencies and contractors who have their own strategies for implementing various business "solutions" for the particular company that we are both working for. Read More >>>

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